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So much time and resources are wasted today on the job application process, with poor results and too many biases. Our vision is to end all that, with our model of collecting & converting data into opportunities.

About Us

Our goal at Anycareer is to help ambitious people achieve success. Great talents deserve great jobs, and great companies need great talents. By offering our models & technology to the world, we wish to drastically improve how these people find each other.

We have people from all over the world, some working in China, some in the UK and some in Norway. In order to reach our goals, we are seeking to assemble the worlds best teams within data science, software development, education, HR & behavioural science.

Our backgrounds range from a wide array of areas, including education, recruitment, HR, psychology, and deep tech. Most of us have ourselves experienced the troubles of studying without learning enough about the job markets, the increasingly competitive markets, and the discrimination and biases one might face.

Not to mention, all of us know how important it is to get the right people for the right projects, and the incredible pain of finding that talent with todays recruitment tools and processes. That makes us work extra hard to change all of that.

Core beliefs:


Team members

Like our communities, we also have people all over the world. Our main offices are located in London (UK), Shenzhen (China), and Kristiansand (Norway). Additionally, we have people working remotely from various other locations in the US, India, Europe and Australia.

Oliver Horvei

Co-Founder & Chairman

Oliver is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur with a huge passion for technology, science and business. With prior startup success and experience consulting on data science, finance, research and other areas for FTSE500 companies as well as startups.

Sunny Cui

Co-Founder & CEO

From Jilin in China, Sunny is a passionate professional with marketing, business development at management experience leading teams at companies such as Alibaba &, and served as the VP of Europe for Passfeed.

Simon Skuggevik

Head of Data Science

Simon is a passionate finance & data science professional from Norway. He has a finance degree from the UK, and 6 years work experience from the Norwegian military and the banking industry.

Yaxiong Lei

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Yaxiong, who also goes by Leo, has a masters degree in computer engineering from St Andrews, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He has also got several years experience leading product teams at Huawei, Ping An, 58 & Google.

Dr Richard Fang

Head of AI

Dr Fang is a PhD graduate from Harvard, former Chief Science Officer for Huawei, and Head Scientist for the Chinese Institute of Science. He is also one of China’s leading experts on AI technology and quantum computing.

Ran Xu

Head of Recruitment

Ran served as the Senior Vice President of, and was crucial in the work towards their New York Stock Exchange listing in 2008.  She has since led teams in Ping An, China Shunchang, and other influential companies in China and Singapore.

Spencer Bragg

Head of Education

Spencer has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher and headteacher all over the world. Having worked within recruitment and career services, with institutions such as Oxford University, he excels at developing educational programmes.

Paul Parkinson

Head of Mentors & Partners

With more than 30 years of experience founding and investing in businesses in technology, coaching, and recruitment, and consulting and working for companies such as IBM, RAF, Honda, and Huawei, Paul brings networks, expertise & passion to any project.

Anthony Guo

Co-Founder & Head of BD

With several years of experience working with big, multinational companies such as Lukfook, UCCA and running his own startup, Anthony is a leading expert in international marketing, recruitment & community building.

Terje Frigstad

Board Member & Executive Advisor

Terje is Anycareer's first investor, and a member of both the Board of Advisors & Board of Directors. He has invested and founded succesful companies in real estate, technology & industrial lighting for more than 30 years, working between Europe & China.

Peter Hansen

Executive Advisor

Peter is an investor, advisor and former CEO of large corporations in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. He is an expert at nurturing growth in the technology & education sector, with a passion for finding & onboarding the right talent & building strong, innovative teams.

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