With data science, behavioural science and machine learning technology, we turn your data into real opportunity. Create your profile and have it matched with more than 5 million employers.
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We collect your data, including past experiences, education, skills, values, and more into your talent profile. You also get help suggesting improvements or areas to focus on to increase your chances.

Your profile is matched with employers.

If there is a match with one of our 5 million employers, you will be guided through the recruitment process by us or through our partners - making sure you land the offer of your dreams.


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By setting up your very own talent profile, an advanced digital version of your CV, we can use a combination of behavioural science and data science to automate large parts of the recruitment process. No need to apply for any jobs, you will simply be headhunted by an AI.

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1. Create a talent profile, share your data.

2. Get help improving your profile & yourself.

3. Learn new skills & be prepared.

4. Be recruited to your dream employer.

Full support - all the way to offers.

We do not just want to match you with the employers. We wish to help you find the right one for you, and to make sure you can make the most of your early opportunities. Mentors, guides, and other tools will support you through the early stages of your career.

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With a community to support you through the process.

We are strong believers in the power of networks & communities. We regularly host talent fairs (both live & virtual), conferences and more to connect you with more important people, plus an online platform for support, discussions and insights.

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Life-changing experience.

“The Anycareer experts helped me gain deep insights into my industry, which made me more confident and ready for the application process. I ended up with job offers from some of my favourite companies!”

David Ma
Marketing Intern at Amazon

Incredible value!

“Anycareer completely changed my perception of career development and I managed to secure a job with my dream employer. I can 100% recommend their mentors & courses.”

Lance Zhang
Management Trainee at The Bank of China

Great team.

“Thanks to Anycareer, Zhaopin's activities overseas have seen much better returns and we are now able to reach people we previously could not. We look forward to working closer with the Anycareer team in the future. “

Orca Liu
Marketing Director at Zhaopin.com (Anycareer Partner)

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