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The second version of the Anycareer platform will be your guide & partner through the early stages of your career, with advanced, yet extremely easy-to-use features.

Be matched with the right opportunities.

Finding the right university and the right employers is important and also very difficult. Instead of wasting time searching online we can help you find your perfect match.

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Spend your time learning & improving yourself.

Don't waste months just applying for jobs without getting any feedback from the process. We will help calculate your current level, see how you can reach even further and optimise your path towards your dream opportunities.

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With a community to support you through the steps.

Unemployment is close to 20% many places, and the job markets are more competitive than ever. Our communities are made to share knowledge and insights to help each other stand out of the crowd and have fun in the process.

This is how it works.

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Upload your CV, select your goals, answer industry related questions, and choose favourite markets & employers.


Use the Anycareer tools to learn & improve.

Courses and mentors are available to help you grow, guides & experts are available to help you grow, get into universities or apply for jobs.

Have your profile matched.

Keep your information up to date, keep improving and suddenly you might have job offers in your inbox. The AI matching systems are always working.



More time to focus on you

Time off work can be spent learning rather than applying.

Better matches & career decisions

Finding the right employers and universities is critical for success and happiness.

Less discrimination & human biases

In a traditional application process you will face human biases. Not with us.

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